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The Updated Styling of HSV Gen-F Senator Signature (2014) 

Other Makes: The Updated Styling of HSV Gen-F Senator Signature (2014), HSV Gen F Senator Signature 2014   Back Angle (2)

Other Makes - The Updated Styling of HSV Gen-F Senator Signature (2014)

This vehicle has HSV-performance all-new seats wrapped Onyx leather trim with 8-way electrical adjustment and seat heating for driver and front passenger. The driver's seat also features a 3-position memory while the premium, 9 - speaker BOSE audio system completes the cabin atmosphere. In accordance with the luxury / sport positioning, Senator Signature also take an additional... Read more »

Published in June 15, 2013 by Audia. Gallery 7 images. Labels : HSV Gen-F Senator Signature (2014) Review, HSV Gen-F Senator Signature (2014) Spec, HSV, Gen-F Senator Signature (2014), HSV Gen-F Senator Signature (2014).

Amazing Mazda 3 (2014) 

Mazda: Amazing Mazda 3 (2014), Mazda 3 2014   Front Angle (4)

Mazda - Amazing Mazda 3 (2014)

The interior is designed to create a driver-oriented environment with a front-back axis that makes the driver feel physically fused with the car, as well as spacious, comfortable environment for passengers. Driving the new Active Display displays the vehicle speed, the information from the navigation system and other important driving information in a clear panel mounted vertically... Read more »

Published in June 29, 2013 by Audia. Gallery 9 images. Labels : Mazda 3, Mazda 2014, Mazda 3 Review, 3 Mazda, Mazda 3 News.

Gorgeous ABT Audi R8 (2008) 

Other Makes: Gorgeous ABT Audi R8 (2008), ABT Audi R8 2008   Front Angle

Other Makes - Gorgeous ABT Audi R8 (2008)

Design studies already show the first impressions Abt sportiest creation - and prove that the Kempten-based tuner managed to perfect an excellent serial models like the R8 to detail and accentuate the racing genes already in the drawing. The front of the Bavarian R8 shows the marked Abt face. Together with the rear of a unique and beautifully arranged with four slanted exhaust end... Read more »

Published in June 29, 2013 by Audia. Gallery 2 images. Labels : ABT 2008, 2008 Audi R8, ABT Audi R8, ABT Audi R8 2008, ABT.

The 2011 Hamann Tycoon Evo M 

Other Makes: The 2011 Hamann Tycoon Evo M, Hamann Tycoon Evo M 2011   Interior (2)

Other Makes - The 2011 Hamann Tycoon Evo M

Especially designed for the increased requirements of the Hamann Tycoon Evo M, automobile refiner presents a variety of wheel designs and sizes. Style-and technology highlight is the most modern model of rims UNIQUE FORGED anodized. Dynamic form of smooth, anodized cross spokes does not only create a dynamic and striking look, but also even share the weight and therefore ensures... Read more »

Published in June 29, 2013 by Audia. Gallery 9 images. Labels : Hamann Tycoon Evo M, Tycoon Evo M, 2011 Hamann Tycoon Evo M, Hamann, 2011 Tycoon Evo M.

Lincoln MKT (2013) 

Other Makes: Lincoln MKT (2013), Lincoln MKT 2013   Interior

Other Makes - Lincoln MKT (2013)

Lincoln MKT full-size crossover offers a dramatically improved ride, sharper handling, fuel economy is better and new safety technologies including rear inflatable seat belts for the 2013 model year, providing customers benefits and features that match or exceed more expensive competitors.... Read more »

Published in July 01, 2013 by Audia. Gallery 9 images. Labels : Lincoln MKT, MKT Lincoln, Lincoln MKT 2013, 2013 MKT, 2013 Lincoln.

2013 Lincoln MKZ 

Other Makes: 2013 Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKZ 2013   Side

Other Makes - 2013 Lincoln MKZ

2013 Lincoln MKZ offers three different powertrains. The standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost ® delivers the performance of traditional V6 along with the economy segment-leading estimated fuel that is at least 3 mpg better than the nearest competitor. This engine gives the projected 20 percent increase in highway fuel economy versus the 2012 MKZ. Emphasizing performance and... Read more »

Published in July 01, 2013 by Audia. Gallery 7 images. Labels : MKZ, 2013 MKZ Lincoln, MKZ Lincoln, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln 2013.

2009 Breckland Beira 

Other Makes: 2009 Breckland Beira, Breckland Beira 2009   Rear

Other Makes - 2009 Breckland Beira

The Breckland Beira is a hand-built, two-seat roadster with unique styling cues, based on proven GM architecture and powered by a LS2, 6-liter V8 engine GM, tuned to produce just a whisper short 400bhp. Tipping the scales at some 1,400 kg, the ratio of power-to-weight is impressive Beira refreshing ensure performance, with the promise of running a sub-five second to 100kph, coupled... Read more »

Published in June 29, 2013 by Audia. Gallery 6 images. Labels : Breckland, 2009 Breckland, Beira, Breckland Beira, Breckland 2009.

Hamann memoR (2012) 

Other Makes: Hamann memoR (2012), Hamann MemoR 2012   Front Angle

Other Makes - Hamann memoR (2012)

During the modification process is complex, the engineers paid special attention to ensure the car lighter. To achieve this, Hamann take advantage of many of the very lightweight - yet very powerful - carbon material, which, because of a positive nature, can be found in abundance in the base model as well. To enhance the overall look of the car, Hamann has fitted "Unique Forged... Read more »

Published in June 29, 2013 by Audia. Gallery 4 images. Labels : Hamann 2012, 2012 MemoR, 2012 Hamann, Hamann MemoR, MemoR Hamann.